Vigilius Mountain Resort

Vigilius Mountain Resort – Lana BZ, Italy

Key Service: Sustainability Development & Audit
Location: Lana BZ, Italy
Product: Audit for certification purposes


The owner of this 50-room Eco Mountain Resort started his environmental management system while he was still dreaming of the hotel. We are auditing this hotel for version 4.0 of EarthCheck’s sustainability management standard. One of the few EMS standards accredited by GSTC (Global Sustainable Tourism Council). The audit methodology remains the same for this one-day on-site audit.


What is a truly outstanding sustainability activity-performance for a hotel that incorporates sustainability into its corporate paradigm?


Businesses exist to make a profit.
A business that integrates environmental aspects into its vision and also into the operation of it saves costs and deepens the connection with customers / guests, for whom the environment is also important. This deeper connection requires efficient and credible communication.

A hotel company that making a public document accessible to its guests and stakeholders is a good step ahead of non-certified hotels. For a hotel it is an extraordinary achievement to collect and calculate such data: Sustainability Guidelines Vigilius Mountain Resort (de)

The 21st century is sometimes a bit more cynical than the good old days. Therefore, it is important that published data is based on correct facts and a solid method.
It is at this point, where an independent audit creates additional value. An independent audit strengthens the credibility of published data. When this verified data is used for targeted communication, the data can turn ordinary guests into brand ambassadors. Brand ambassadors are guests who become fans through a special or outstanding experience. The experienced business manager knows; it is cheaper to retain guests than to acquire new guests.

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