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07th June 2017

Horwath HTL Market Report France

2017 could be a bounce year for French hotels! At the time of a challenging post presidential elections’ context, the French tourism industry remains one of the bright spots of national economy. Yet, 2016 has enabled hoteliers to overpass pre-crisis performance levels and hotel development is accelerating, at least in the top ten metropolitan areas. Written by
Thailand Cosmetic Beauty Market-1
12th May 2017

Horwath HTL Industry Report: Cosmetic Beauty Market

Fabian Modena and Matthew Brennan of Horwath HTL Health & Wellness discuss the global cosmetic beauty industry and explore the primary differences between cosmetic treatment categories, review industry performance, growth and trends, and identify ways for operators and investors to utilise cosmetic treatments to boost spa facility performance, through a Bangkok-based case study.

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09th May 2017

Eight reasons why tourism professionals should strive for sustainability

In a world where mass tourism has begun to have a seriously negative impact on holiday destinations, businesses need to turn their attention to making operations more sustainable in order to keep in line with increasing demands on our planet.

A new report written by María Eugenia Arribas of Horwath HTL Spain details eight reasons [...]

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04th May 2017

Horwath HTL Market Report Australia: Sydney market update

Market Report Australia

Sydney’s hotel performance remains at the top of its game in Australia. But what impact is Airbnb having on it? What effect will new supply have on its growth? Find out in the latest market report form Horwath HTL, written by Stefan Muff of Horwath HTL Australia.

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19th April 2017

Horwath HTL Market Report: The impact of VAT on the UAE’s hospitality industry

As of February 2017, all Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries have signed the Unified Value Added Tax (VAT) Agreement. The framework will form the basis for national legislation, which will be introduced in each GCC country. 

Although there has been very limited official information released regarding the specifics of how the VAT system to be [...]

European hotels and chains report
06th April 2017

European Hotels & Chains Report 2017

Horwath HTL are delighted to announce the release of the inaugral European Hotels and Chains Report. The goal behind the report was to try and accurately shed light on the current situation and see how markets were evolving. Investors need transparency and brands need to know what the competitive landscape looks like. This initial report [...]

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05th April 2017

Horwath HTL Market Report Switzerland: Do national OTAs make sense?

Market Report Switzerland

Heinz Wehrle, of Horwath HTL Switzerland has written a report which investigates what value there is for national OTAs within the Swiss market, in a world of fierce competition amongst online booking platform.

The report takes into account the perspective of hoteliers and how national OTAs might be [...]

Turkey Market Outlook 2017
21st March 2017

Turkey Market Outlook 2017: Light at the end of the tunnel?

Metin Erdogdu, of Horwath HTL in Turkey, has written his latest Market Report: Turkey Market Outlook 2017.

Turkey Market Outlook 2017

Tourism in Turkey is focused largely on a variety of historical sites, and on seaside resorts along its Aegean and Mediterranean Sea coasts. Turkey has also become a popular destination [...]

Cyprus’ Bed Supply Overwhelmed By Demand
16th March 2017

Cyprus’ Bed Supply Overwhelmed By Demand

Pambos Michaelides, of Horwath HTL in Cyprus has written his latest Market Report: Cyprus’ Bed Supply Overwhelmed By Demand.

Cyprus’ Bed Supply Overwhelmed By Demand

Cyprus has seen a booming growth in terms of tourism in 2016. This has been primarily driven by the political situation in neighboring countries as well [...]

Hotels & Chains in Switzerland 2017
10th March 2017

Hotels & Chains in Switzerland

Hotels & Chains in Switzerland, 2017 Edition

Supported by hotelleriesuisse, we made it our business to map the “brand-scape” of hotels and chains in Switzerland. The resulting report details our findings and provides an overview of not only the market place itself, but also of international and domestic hotel chains actively pursuing business in Switzerland and the market [...]

Market Report: Guinea
28th February 2017

Horwath HTL Market Report: Guinea

Béatrice Montagnier, of Horwath HTL in West and Central Africa has written her latest Market Report and focused on Guinea and Conakry.

Extract of our Market Report: Guinea

Guinea has witnessed a boom in the hotel sector, supported by the mining industry. These hotel developments are mainly concentrated in the capital, [...]

Market Report: Ivory Coast
22nd February 2017

Horwath HTL Market Report: Ivory Coast

Charlotte Specht, of Horwath HTL in West and Central Africa has written her latest Market Report and focused on Ivory Coast.

Extract of our Market Report: Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast has experienced a rapid return to growth since 2011 with particularly encouraging results. The country now aims to reach the [...]