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Horwath HTL Strategic Advice
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Horwath HTL offers advice on transactions that helps to translate professional advice into real results.

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Corporate Strategic Advice

The global hospitality industry is fast moving and situations can change quickly, here today and gone tomorrow.

The challenge for any executive team is how to manage that change, and achieve the growth that your investors and shareholders are clamoring for. Your success will come down to whether or not you have identified a clear path, and correctly allocated the right resources at the right time to execute the plan; no easy task when you are also running a business.

At Horwath HTL, we have both the insight into specific tourism and hospitality trends and the corporate understanding to guide you through this process. Our network of specialized experts around the world can tackle all aspects of corporate strategy.

We can shape a tourism value chain through tourism strategies and master plans of a country or a region, to an individual city or a destination. We have also worked on the planning and development of thousands of individual development projects around the world. That gives as a strong position to support our Clients through our value driven approach resulting in successful and long-term partnerships.

Our corporate services include:

  • Growth strategy
  • Market strategy
  • Investment strategy
  • Strategic business plans and reviews
  • Strategic and operational restructuring
  • Human Resources management
  • Due Diligence
  • Transactional support services

Marketing and Sales

Customers are more and more demanding, and it is getting even harder to exceed their expectations in an increasingly complex ecosystem. Hospitality has been quickly digitalized, and the pace of the technological and digital revolution is not slowing down. We help our Clients to become customer centric and more agile in the digital space so they can face upcoming challenges before they happen. We go beyond pure sales and marketing as a service to a strategic level and integrate them across an organization to support the overall corporate strategy.

Our Marketing and Sales services include:

  • Marketing and sales strategy
  • Brand strategy
  • Development of products and services
  • Standard operating procedures (SOPs)
  • Sales and distribution channels management

Success Stories

  • Unternehmensstrategie Voreröffnungs-Assistenz Brigels Schweiz
    Strategic Advice

    Strategic Advice – Pre-Opening Assistance – Brigels, Switzerland

    Overview: Horwath HTL was to provide recommendations on Sales & Marketing strategy, as well as review and adjust the financial forecast and budget.

    Solution: We provided guidance and advice on Sales and Marketing processes, systems and channels, a review of the rent and prepared a seasonal budget for the first operating year.

    Implementation: The resort opened by the end of 2015.

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